Norcom 2022


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Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
  9.00 – 10.00 9.00 – 10.00
Christian Krattenthaler Sudhir Ghorpade
Proofs of Borwein Conjectures Codes, Matroids, Shellability and Betti Numbers
10.30 – 11.00 10.30 – 11.00
János Barát Kristina Ago Vedran Krčadinac Radu-Cristian Curticapean
Saturated 1-plane and 2-plane drawings with few On MP-ratio for multiary words: well-definedness and upper bounds On t-designs with three intersection numbers The complexity of immanants
11.00 -11.30 11.00 -11.30
Nima Ghanbari Michaela Hiller Sanja Rukavina Guillermo Nunez Ponasso
Some results on the super domination and co-even domination number of a graph Domination among Elimination Sequences On some recent results on biplanes and triplanes The maximal determinant problem over the third roots of unity
11.30-12.00 11.30-12.00
Francesc Comellas Venkitesh Iyer Harald Gropp Péter Pál Pach
Resilience of hierarchical graphs. On spaces of polynomial functions over some posets – CANCELED
On orbital matrices, also beyond the polar circle The Alon-Jaeger-Tarsi conjecture via group ring identities
1300-1400 13.00-13.30    
Maria Chudnovsky Joel Danielsson Mrinmoy Datta    
Induced Subgraphs and logarithmic tree width Entropy counting of combinatorial 3-spheres Footprint bounds and their applications to Reed-Muller type codes    
14.15-14.45 13.30-14.00    
Nancy Clarke Lorenzo Venturello Marta Pavelka Sara Ban    
Rainbow Dominating Sets Gorenstein algebras from simplicial complexes Four non-Hamiltonian simplicial complexes Self-orthogonal $\mathbb{Z}_{2^k}$-codes constructed from bent functions    
14.45-15.15 14.00-14.30    
Silvia Pagani Anna Slivková Anna Margarethe Limbach Tuomo Lehtilä    
Power sum polynomials and the ghosts behind them On the existence of m-morphic, σ-morphic and manisohedral tiles for some variations of the notion of tiling Clique dynamics of locally cyclic graphs with δ ≥ 6 New bounds for total dominating identifying codes    
15.15-15.45 14.30-15.00    
Ignacio M. Pelayo Bojan Bašić Marija Jelić Milutinović Kristijan Tabak    
Location in Pseudotrees The Heesch number in E d is asymptotically unbounded for d → ∞ Perfect Matching Complexes of Honeycomb Graphs Normalized difference sets tiling – generalizations    
16.15-16.45 15.30-16.00    
Danai Deligeorgaki Alexander Lazar Péter Ágoston Sebastian Debus    
Unconditional Equivalence for DAG models Lexicographic Shellability Statistics Orientation type of intersecting convex planar sets A bidominance order and Specht ideals for the signed symmetric group    
16.45-17.15 16.00-16.30    
Blas Fernández Benjamin Schröter Eero Räty Sven Polak    
On the trivial T-module of a graph On Merino–Welsh conjecture for split matroids Inequalities on Projected Volumes New lower bounds on crossing numbers of K_{m,n} from permutation modules and semidefinite programming    
17.15-17.45 16.30-17.00    
Zelealem Yilma Ragnar Freij-Hollanti Liam Solus Luis Ferroni    
The minimum number of spanning trees in regular multigraphs Derived matroids in combinatorics and linear algebra Discrete Geometry in Causal Structure Learning Ehrhart polynomials, flag Eulerian numbers and algebras of Veronese type    
17.45-18.15 17.00-17.30    
Klara Stokes Tim Seynnaeve Andrés David Santamaría-Galvis Pratik Misra    
Rigidity of rod configurations Maximum likelihood degrees of diagonal linear covariance models Partitioning the projective plane and the dunce hat Symmetrically colored Gaussian graphical models with toric vanishing ideal