14th Nordic Combinatorial Conference
Norcom 2022


The conference will take place at the Breivika campus of UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, in Tromsø, which can be easily reached by bus from the inner city (see below).  Remember that  Tromsø is above the polar circle, and  the  weather in Tromsø in June can vary from sunny to stormy, and the temperatures vary between 5° C to 20° C, with an average round 10° C.  Therefore, we encourage you to  check the forecast before you pack your luggage. Due to nice weather the last few days, there is no snow on the island any longer, but you can find some on the mountains surrounding Tromsø. The midnight sun has arrived now, so it will be daylight all day around. As a consequence, it will not be possible to see Northern lights at all. 

Buses in Tromsø:

Buses are probably the most convenient way for you to move during the week. The bus stop for university is UiT (the one after UiT/planetariet). We recommend to download the two following apps:

1) Troms billett:

Available for Android and iPhone.

You can buy your ticket with this app. You only need a ticket for 1 zone – even if you use it from and to the airport. A ticket costs 20/37 NOK depending on the time of the day you travel. You can also buy a 24 hours ticket (100 NOK) or for those who stay longer, a 7 days ticket (250 NOK).  If you plan to take the bus every day (or more than eight times), the best option for you will be to buy a one week ticket. Be careful: if you buy your ticket on the bus, it will be more expensive than if you use the app, and you cannot pay by card. If you use the app, you need to buy your ticket before entering the bus.

2) TromsReise

Available for Android and iPhone.

This is the app to check the bus schedule and plan your travels.

In case you do not want to use the app, you should also be able to get a one-way ticket (or a 24 hour pass) at the machine by the bus stop. Then if you want to get a one-week card, you have to go to WITO Kiosk (Storgata 68, next to the bus stop Wito).



From the airport to the city center:

It is very likely that you will arrive to Tromsø by plane. Once you manage to get out of the airport, the taxis and the hotel bus are exactly outside the building. However, it will be much cheaper for you to take the local bus, across the street after the parking (approximately 50 meters away from the exit of the airport, see plan). Then you can take any bus (24, 40 or 42) as long as you can read “sentrum” included in the direction. If your hotel is in the city center, then the closest stops should be Wito (bus 24, 40) or Sjøgata S3 (bus 42). The travel should last between 15 and 20 minutes.

From the city center to the Campus:

Several buses are going from the city center to the campus (stop: UiT) in less than 15 minutes: these are the buses number 20, 21 and 34. They all go through the stop Fr. Langes gate F4, which is just outside the Smørtorget Café. Just make sure that UiT or UNN is included in the destination of the bus.

The Campus

The first bus stop on campus is called “Uit Planetariet”. Do not get off at this first bus stop, but at the second directly after, which is called “Uit”. Once you are at the bus stop, you can use the app MazeMap to find any room in the Campus. The conference room will be the room F1.101. If you do not want to download the app, the following plan should be enough:

Lunch and coffee 

Lunches and coffee breaks are offered by the organizers. On Tuesday, meet us at the conference room F1.101, and we will lead you to where the lunch is served.

The conference dinner

The conference dinner will take place at the restaurant Arctandria, which is in the city center, very close from the hotels. The dinner is on Wednesday June 8, at 8pm


Cafés, bars and restaurants

After a long day of hard work, you might want to relax. Here is a small selection of our favorite places. However, theses places are rather small, they might not be adapted to large groups.

  • Art Café: Very nice small café to have a coffee, but also for lunch or dinner (closes at 9 p.m.). Vegan friendly.
  • Indie: Indian restaurant. Vegan friendly.
  • Skarven: Three different options at the same place: Biffhuset (meat restaurant), Arctandria (fish restaurant), and Skarven (beer bar with small dishes).
  • Bardus: Again two places in one: Bardus bistro, a restaurant for dinner, and Bardus bar, very nice cocktail bar.
  • Huken Pub: Very small pub, perfect for a beer after dinner. You can also have some burgers.
  • Driv: Poor Ph.D. students can have “cheap” beers in this student bar.